Vehicle Design Kitbash

This was a project done for traditional 3D Design in which we would take parts from different model kits and put them together to make our own creation. These three models have a story behind them and a visual hierarchy which can be seen below:

The three models together




(New Vehicles for Saturn’s Teenage Girls are Totally Not Earth’s Evil Way To Infiltrate Saturn’s Market)

Is your teenage Saturnian daughter desperate to hit the sandy dunes, but you’re worried about modern safe vehicles? Look no further than Titanette’s first line of vehicles designed specifically for the safety, comfort, and style of your little darling coming this solar cycle!

For those five hour long nights, you can hibernate safe knowing that your little one can see through the dark with high-frequency headlights. The sandy pastel color palette with black stripes on the back are not only the latest trend on Saturn, but help ward away Sandworms by confusing them!

As the metal on Saturn is prone to melt after a while in the heat, heat-resistant pads have been placed with love bottoms of the legs of the vehicles. This also ensures a comfier ride for the driver and all sixteen of her appendages!

There are three different models to choose from, coming this (incredibly long) year:

Hera, the sportier model, can help your little darling across the vast Saturn landscape as quickly as possible and still be back in time for dinner. (This vehicle is in no way intended to be used for spying on innocent Saturnian station cities.) Its shorter legs make it more aerodynamic against dangerous weather conditions.

Leda, Titanette’s heftier model, favors safety over speed. This model has red lighting to navigate sandstorms safely and comfortably. (This vehicle is totally not for securing the protection of heavily armed troops from Earth.) It can accommodate up to seven of your little darling’s best buddies!

Finally, when considering your daughter’s first vehicle, think no further than the standard, economy-class model, Io. This model favors style overall and causing the station has never been easier. (This vehicle is absolutely not for the kidnapping of as many little solar-system invaders for science as possible.) Your little darling will feel comfortable being able to stretch out her 16 appendages in this beautiful vehicle!

If you are interested, please call 999-NOT-ERTH. have a good day on Saturn, I which is where you are right now!

(Disclaimer: upon purchase, these vehicles may be used against you to facilitate the Healthy Connection between Earth and Saturn. In doing so, your children may be substitute to happy little experiments that may or may not scar them for life, assuming they survive.)