My Senior Thesis was always destined to become something like this. I have always wanted a game similar to an undead farming simulator, where bodies are being planted and souls are grown from them. I love Tim Burton’s approach to death: something strange, shocking, but overall fun and uplifting. Thus, Skullduggery was born.

Everything in this level was created by me with the exception of character animation through Mixamo and the placeholder level music.

And here are some breakdowns with textures. Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, and Substance Designer were my primary tools:

High-poly sculpt of bust

I’m thrilled how much the game has grown since starting in August.

Here’s some of my initial visual development (a lot has changed since diving into the details of the game, though):

Skullduggery cover page
skullduggery synopsis page
Skullduggery mood painting 1
skullduggery animated asset
skullduggery props
skullduggery central asset

I also stream my game development on Twitch, come check it out sometime!

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