Programming Rapscallion

rapscallion nes maker sarasota



I programmed a fully playable NES Cartridge game following the documentation of NESmaker during the Sarasota 2018 Labor Day Game Jam. The theme was Middle, so we made a game about a middle schooler who has to break into the school in the middle of the night to change their midterms. Cute, right?

rapscallion classroom

I took the plunge to learn a new engine that a local company is still working on putting the finishing touches on, NESmaker. The engine took care of the ones and the zeroes needed to communicate to the NES console and let us focus on the game mechanics and art.

I was lucky to have a hardworking, amazing team that helped with creating Rapscallion’s art, animation, music, and text to fill the world. It was just my job to put it all together. Learning a new program meant refreshing my understanding of logic.

rapscallion nesmakerWe went in with the knowledge we would be working with limited color palettes, trust me. But we really had no idea how limiting it would be. I tried everything in my power to extend our palettes as far as possible. I tried setting objects in the room (like the drum) to be a monster so it could use the monster palette bank separate from the floor and wall tiles.

This was an awesome project and is the first time I’ve physically held a game I have made in my hands! On an NES cartridge that is playable!

A big thank you to my team – Luis CorreaKK Hong, and Alyssa Concannon. Also thanks to NESmaker and the Sarasota Game Jam.