Poster Design

Works are organized from latest (top) to oldest (bottom):



Christmas Present, InHuman Zoo Blu-Ray Cover Design, 2016



H.P. Lovecraft Goosebumps Book Cover / Poster Design, 2015


Graphic Design Poster, 2015 


The Visualization of the Flavor of Vanilla, 2014


I have always been unimpressed with chewing gum packaging for different flavors, keeping the brand’s huge logo and shoving a picture of an actual representation of the flavor in the corner. When approached by a local e-cigarette company to do flavor designs, these were two of many I created. I sought to bring out the emotion and setting each flavor is best tasted in, such as eating ice cream at an amusement park on a hot summer day or enjoying a slice of watermelon on the beach.


The Visualization of the Flavor of Watermelon, 2014



The Review Shoppe Advertisement Design, 2014