Miniature Design: The Offices of Black + Morte

Traditionally 3D Designed Miniature: The Offices of Black + Morte

In Limbo, there is a federally-paid office dedicated to stopping the rising number of civilians permanently injuring themselves. Tasked with the overwhelming job of explaining to the dead how committing suicide would not bring them back to life or to yet another plane of existence, the Offices of Black + Morte have days chock-full of rare cases. What the dead don’t often realize at first is that while a person cannot die again, their bodies will no longer heal. It’s easy to tell if a person has been in Limbo for a long time by the state of their bones. Some are so old the only thing that’s left is a dusty skull – descendants would elect to take them into their home and place them on a shelf, but often they are thrown out with the garbage.

As mentioned, a dead man’s body will not heal, so those with suicidal tendencies make a freshly rotting body decay much quicker. People with guns would have a hole that would not scab over and would be itchy. Most pick at it until there is no skin left to do so. It’s nasty and lowers public morale. Mostly, people use things like razor blades to make sure they’re still bleeding. And bleeding, and bleeding, until all of their blood is gone. It makes for an awkward trip to the Gross-ery Store, leaving behind a puddle of gunk. Others get clever and cause explosions, and won’t you look like a dork walking around afterwards with no head or hand. Communicating through sign language is awfully hard with one hand. Poison is nice to look at and only makes for a nice drink served at local bars.

In this particular instance, someone thought it would be clever to stick a fork in a toaster right on the poor civil servant’s desk, causing it to short-circuit and explode. The assailant was then escorted out and taken into custody while the civil servant has gone to get as much medical attention possible in Limbo.

In conclusion, this is my love letter to Beetlejuice and the Neitherworld. My original concept was the office of a civil servant that was frustrated with working in the office and would continually try and kill themselves, only to end up back in the office.