Environment Concepts

Americana Apocalypse Environment

Americana Apocalypse Kelsey Watkins Concept Art


Pyro from Team Fortress 2’s Bedroom

TF2 Pyro Bedroom Kelsey Watkins


Monster in the Bedroom

rapid visualization mirror monster kelsey watkins

Rapid Visualizations are assignments done in one class period. They are exercises done to help come up with the best composition, narrative, and value as quickly as possible.

Since moving into her new house, this child has made a new friend that talks to her every night through her mirror. This friend is her copy except for some startling features most others would notice right away, but the child doesn’t seem to mind. She loves her friend very much! They talk about boys, how her parents just don’t understand, how to dispose of bodies, and bullies at school. The reflection seems harmless… to her. The reflection notices everything – the bruises, when she’s feeling down, and you. She definitely notices you.