Digital Paintings

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From newest to oldest:

Skull and Flowers Kelsey Watkins


still life digital painting skull pumpkin pear

Color Massing Study, 2017


kelsey watkins digital painting color relations

Color Massing Study, 2017


kelsey watkins still life digital painting

Warm/Cool Study, 2017

Taking an abstract design and making it into real elements

hawaiian surfer digital painting stylized

Final Piece – Sea-Salt Adventure, 2016

digital painting portrait

Submission for RedditGetsDrawn, a forum where people can submit pictures of themselves and be drawn as a competition between artists, 2016


self portrait, digital painting, kelsey watkins

Self-Portrait, 2016

jessica jones drawing digital painting

Jessica Jones, 2016

cowboy bebop faye valentine

Faye Valentine from the series Cowboy Bebop, 2016


Portrait, May 2015

Gummy Frog by Kelsey Watkins

Gummy Frog, January 2015

Fight by Kelsey Watkins

Bloody Knuckles, November 2013

Kelsey Watkins Background

Scream for Me, January 2013