kelsey watkins

Hi, I’m Kelsey – a kid who went to art school and ended up learning everything along the way. I have my degree in Game Art, but that hasn’t stopped me from learning how to program and design. I work in Unreal Engine 4’s blueprints now but I have a fair share of knowledge about C#, Python, and a few others.

I have a strong interest in theme park design and was the Vice President of the Themed Entertainment Association‘s NextGen chapter at Ringling. We won the 2018/2019 award for Student Organization of the Year. I’m pretty wild about queue design and interactivity.

I’m always trying to think of ways to get my friends involved with the community. I invited as many people as I could to help clean up and “beautify” the infamous Acid Tunnel in my hometown. Armed with a paint roller, we cleaned up areas and gave artists new canvases to make a more positive contribution. With so many people excited about the event, we got the attention of the Springfield News-Leader, who came to cover the event. It was on the front page of the following day’s paper, and you can read about our efforts here.


Kelsey Watkins
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